Mason Pearson

Nothing rivals a Mason Pearson brush!

Nothing rivals a Mason Pearson brush!

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Mason Pearson brushes can improve the condition of your hair!
These classic paddle or cushioned brushes are still hand made in England reflecting a consistency of quality and performance.

That careful craftsmanship is what gives the brush beautiful balance when you hold it. It has a wide, contoured face and dense mix of soft bristles, to give your hair a thorough work out.
In every Mason Pearson brush the special rubber cushion flexes the bristles to massage the scalp and the brushing action directs a natural oil called sebum to the ends of your hair, adding body and re-balancing the effects of hair product residues, colouring, or daily washing. Importantly the brushes are specially designed to remove static and stop that fly-away hair.

Tips for choosing the right Mason Pearson Brush:
Fine or thinning hair? Choose a pure bristle brush
Normal to thick hair or wavy hair? Choose a brush with a mix of pure bristles and nylon.
Long, thick hair? Choose a large pure bristle & nylon brush.